Start: Brotherhood Fighter's Guild, path down to the arena

Finish: Same place

In order to start this quest, head down the stairs inside the Fighter's Guild, then head down the steps that lead to a cave-like area, not to the arena balcony. There will be a skeleton behind several boards that you can talk to. Doing so will require careful positioning of your character.

After recieving the quest, you must go through the quests necessary to join the Fighter's Guild. Near the end, Long-Lived Azhar's body will be on the floor, surrounded by two Brotherhood members. You MUST loot his body before leaving this area. Doing so will net you Long-Lived Azhar's tooth. After receiving his tooth, go down to the skeleton again and talk to it. Azhar's tooth will be removed from your inventory and the skeleton will get up, unlock an otherwise unpickable locked chest, and explode into a red mist.

Open the now unlocked chest to get some basic necromancer gear, a will, and some necromancers' guild reputation.