Prologue: Prison Breakout

Quest start:

Starts right after the cutscene, after Character creation.

Quest end:




Follow your mysterious rescuer

Characters involved:

Dar Pha


Dar Pha

Dar Pha.


You start in a corridor, after she's finished talking just follow her, until you get to another cutscene.

"I should follow this masked orcess. She claims she's here to help, but I don't know if I can trust her kind. Still... i'd ratherdie on my feet than rot in a cell."

After the cutscene follow her again, when you get a stair up the stairs she stops and talks again, after she's finished follow her again and then again she stops at a locked door, just wait until she's finished picking the lock, then follow her. After that you get to a point where you can't keep on walking, because of a door that's shut. You volunteer to help find a swich for the door

"I've been rescued by a group of orcs. Add that to the list of things i'd never thought possible. They've given me no choice but to leave Kyra. I'll come back for her... if it's the last thing I do."

Just head up the stairs and go to the right, between some bookcases you will find the swich, activate it and head down again where you split up.

"Dar Pha and I found the hidden passage to cross the throne room. Using Gandhar's own tricks against him? She's beginning to grow on me already."

She will start talking again and reveal her name, Dar Pha. After she's finished follow her. In the middle of the passageway you will get interrupted again with a cutscene and after it's finished just follow her again, until you pass the passageway, then she will start talking again and then the Journal updates.

"Following Dar Pha out of the casle. My heart should be racing right now, but something about her makes me feel calm. Maybe it's her scent."

Follow Dar Pha down some stairs, then a new cutscene. After the cutscene you will learn sprint, run after her, some soldiers will interrupt you just ignore them, you can't kill them. Keep on following her unil you get to another cutscene wich explains why you and Dar Pha are seperated. She will start talking to you again and give you some lock picks and the Journal updates again.

"Dar Pha game me some lock picks. Did a fair amount of this when i was younger. Been out of practice a while, but... so what? Getting this door open should be cake compared to some of the locks I've cracked.

Turn around and walk to the door a the left and acivate it and pick the lock. When you're done walk down to the water and swim to the end of the corridor and turn left, then left again, then right and then right, Dar Pha will be waiting for you and she will talk o you after she's done the Journal updates again.

"So close to escaping Vahkmaar I can taste it. I've been in this castle for five years without seeing the light of day... I wonder if the outside world's ready for me."

Follow Dar Pha in to a room with a teleport in it, then talk to her. She tells you to grab a weapon at the bookshelf, when you do another cuscene starts, after the cutscene a fiend is next to you, kill him. After you kill him there are two cutscenes, after the cutscenes you get teleported to another location and the journal updates again.