Dar Pha

Dar Pha.

About Dar PhaEdit

This mysterious and extremely attractive half-Orc assassin really knows how to surprise her opponents, pouncing from the shadows to deliver her deadly attack.
Dar Pha had a very hard childhood - and it still affects her life today. Although we can’t reveal too much about her past life right now, let’s just say that everything that's happened to this bewitching warrior lady in the past would make ideal material for one of the best adventure novels you’ve ever read!
When the team around her eventually split up, Dar Pha went in search of her past and this led her to Rogdor. She then travelled through Antaloor with a small band of Orcs – and entered the employment of the Prophet Cassara as an assassin. Dar Pha hasn't had it too easy in her private life - a terrible stroke of fate forced her to conceal her face with a veil... but perhaps the hero can change that...

Dar Pha and the Hero Edit

Dar Pha's and our hero's relationship begins when they land on Alsorna, after Dar Pha and her team rescue the hero from Gandohar. After an initially awkward landing, Dar Pha and the hero's relationship progresses; Dar Pha provides more and more indications as to her feelings for the hero as we meet her in each chapter, presenting a potential romantic intrest.

Dar pha

Dar Pha and Hero land at Alsorna

Unfortunately, at the end of the game Dar Pha disappears, although perhaps this is an indication that she might appear again in a potential sequel, or in future DLC.