Cheats&Console commands for TWII As with most games, Two Worlds II also allows some users to experiment with the engine via commands entered into the console. To call up the console press the [enter] key on your keyboard by default (PC/MAC only), or assigned Console key in your controls preferences. This might also be possible in the Xbox or PS3 version (although correct combination of keys is not known yet).

Cheat command Function Example of syntax


As of 6/19/2017 Cotcheats

Allows to use cheats (you can still input regular engine commands though. All Godmode related, item spawning and commands starting with "ec" require this mode to work.) TWOWORLDSCHEATS 0 or TWOWORLDSCHEATS 1

Cotcheats 0 or


Drawinterface Hides or shows all elements of the interface, including menu items, etc. Allows to reset the full HUD and GUI. Drawinterface 0 or Drawinterface 1
Showinterface Hides or shows the interface (HUD only) Showinterface 0 or Showinterface 1
Graph.drawhero Hides or shows your hero. Graph.drawhero 0 or Graph.drawhero 1
Engine.HDR Fully disables HDR/Bloom effects (useful if HDR is too bright for you) Engine.HDR 0 or Engine.HDR 1
Display.debugfps Hides or shows an FPS counter. Display.debugfps 0 or Display.debugfps 1 Hides or shows debugging information. Includes FPS, coords in X/Y/Z, number of cell etc.. 0 or 1
GOD Turns "god mode" off/on (+max. skills, unlocks all skills, and provides the highest selection in shops/loot. All locks are now Master level.) GOD 0 or GOD 1
IMMORTAL Makes player immortal (skills are not maxed out) IMMORTAL 0 or IMMORTAL 1
ec.dbg levels Sets player level (without parameters or skills to use) ec.dbg levels # (replace # with any positive number)
AddParamPoints Adds parameter points to spend (Strength, Accuracy etc.) AddParamPoints # (replace # with any positive number)
SetStrength Sets your Strength Parameter to a desired value. SetStrength # (replace # with any positive number)
AddSkillPoints Adds skill points to invest AddSkillPoints # (replace # with any positive number)
AddExperiencePoints Adds experience, boosting level, skillpoints and parameters AddExperiencePoints # (replace # with any positive number; 10.000 or higher values will be needed to boost level high enough.)
ec.dbg skills Enables all skills as if you have trained them or read skillboook. ec.dbg skills (this command doesn't require parameters)
Addgold Adds or removes gold from the inventory (to remove, use "-" minus sign before the number). Addgold #### (replace "###" with any number).
ec.AddObjectToInventory Add an object to the inventory. ec.AddObjectToInventory ITEM_CODE (e.g. ec.AddObjectToInventory HELM_022 will spawn Orc Slayer Helmet.).
Create Add an object on the floor where cursor is pointing. Create ITEM_CODE (e.g. Create HELM_022 will spawn Orc Slayer Helmet. You don't need additional parameters.).
ec.GetCreateString Drop an item on the floor and turn so it's selected, this command will display the string (command) required to spawn such item. This reveals item codes for unknown or new items. ec.GetCreateString (remember, an item must be on the floor and be selected).
KILL If you have a weapon equipped and targeted an enemy, this will instantly slay it. Kill
Time Sets time of day. Time # input any value between 0 and 255; 0=midnight, 40=dawn, 200=sunset, 255=just before midnight.
Summon creature Spawns creature or NPC (requires cheatcodes enabled) CREATURE_CODE (e.g. to summon Grom Shaman simply type GOBLIN_SH_11 and to summon Garadel in demon form, type NPC_48)

To execute a preset list of commands in order, simply create a notepad (TXT) file (only PC/MAC version) with each command in separate line (pay attention to proper syntax). Save it with any name without spaces. To call it (and bulk execute all of the commands at once) input: @******.txt replacing the asterisks with your file's name.
This cheatcode list (c) Two Worlds Vault. Until the game's release cheatcodes might be changed. Remember that cheating will disable Achievements or Trophies permanently.

Create codes (from Felgard):

Crafting materials:
Enchanting Gems (ec.addobjecttoinventory OR create):
## = 1 - 7
ex: ec.addobjecttoinventory art_add_damage_03(#edamagefire) 10
This will add ten lvl 3 fire damage crystals to your inventory
ex: ec.addobjecttoinventory art_add_skill_01(#eSkillCounterStrike) 4
This will add four level 1 skill crystals giving +1 to Counter Strike skill.
XX parameters:
YY parameters:
Various graphics tweaks (from Falkentyne):

Engine.ReflectionDistance # (replace # with distance you want reflections in water and mirrors to be visible. Input no parameter to see how large current value is, then adjust accordingly.)
Engine.nearplane # (original value: 3, set to higher but not too high - this improves rendering nearby you, causing the "smoothing out" to occur further away. For this to work, you'll need to move to the next cell i.e. where the rotating disk loading occurs.)
Engine.farplane # (Original value: 1200.00, set to higher to see further in the distance).
Engine.drawdland # (replace # with 0 or 1, this works exactly as in TW1, removing all distance rendering, vastly improving performance. However, if your farplane is set lower, you'll see blue sky edges where the horizon or nearby objects should be.)
Engine.ParalaxOnTerrain # (replace # with 0 or 1, removes/turns back on parallax mapping for non-vertical surfaces, useful if you're running ATI card and have no AF options. This will also boost performance for some users. Turning this option off will allow engine to use AF forced on your GPU @ driver level.)
Engine.GrassUserDistance # (replace # with 0-5 value, 0 will completely disable grass, 1.5 and above is suggested as beneficial)
Engine.MBlurIntensity # (check current value -- 8 -- by inputting without any parameter. Disable or lower if motion blur is too high for you. The setting doesn't seem to do much.)
Engine.Mblurscale # (check current value -- 8 -- by inputting without any paramter. Disable or lower if motion blur is too high for you. The setting doesn't seem to do much.)
YoungNeil1 reports a good way to remove blurriness in some textures as well:
engine.edgeaablend # (replace # with 0 or 1, removes the unnecessary blurring out of many textures - if you want to still enjoy the performance-lossless AA, use values between 0.7 and 0.9). Shmoodoo reports a good way to reduce glow/bloom without losing the overall picture enhancement from HDR (in engine.hdr 0 command):
Engine.BloomMultiplier # (any number from 0 to 1, 0 turns Bloom off completely. Yes, this will make savannah less overpowering!)

Felgard also provides a few useful codes to play with:

Spawning ingredients, ID_CODEs for them are (use ec.addobjecttoinventory or create, see in comments below for full rips straight from the game's memory copy):
ing_## (replace ## with 01-09, or with 10-255)
Spawning skillbooks for some skills (you can uncover all the codes yourself if you use ec.getcreatestring while targeting any of the many skillbooks lying out there in the open world. Start with potion_unlock_watermagic during the Prologue!):
potion_unlock_Parry (unlocks: Defensive Stance)
potion_unlock_DirtyTrick (unlocks: Dirty Trick)
potion_unlock_Push (unlocks: Defensive Thrust)
potion_unlock_FireStrike (unlocks: Fire Strike)
potion_unlock_Piruet (unlocks: Radial Barrage)
potion_unlock_Stun (unlocks: Blunt Force)
potion_unlock_PullShield (unlocks: Shield Pull)
potion_unlock_JumpStrike (unlocks: Block Breaker)
potion_unlock_MentalBlast (unlocks: Battle Cry)
potion_unlock_KnockDown (unlocks: Humbling Blow)
potion_unlock_CounterStrike (unlocks: Retribution)
potion_unlock_FinishOff (unlocks: Thrust Strike)
potion_unlock_Stun (unlocks: Blunt Force)
potion_unlock_PullShield (unlocks: Shield Pull)
Useful items (create/ec.addobjecttoinventory) ID_Codes:
flyingeye# (replace # with 1-4)
Thanks Felgard!